Our Vision

A romantic couples’ trip through northern Italy inspired best friends Marnette Wilcox and Chrissy Olsen to create Il Bere.   Il Bere, which means “To Drink” in Italian, was a way for Chrissy and Marnette to celebrate their Italian heritage and pay homage to the country where they decided it might be fun to start making some products that they could use at home and with their girlfriends.


What started as a hobby, quickly turned into a business. And now, 9 years later we are a Women Owned Business, that loves to produce and promote products that help people celebrate the special times in their lives.


Chrissy and Marnette celebrate their own Italian heritage. Both were born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, moving to the West Coast to attend college. The pair did not meet until landing in Vancouver, Washington. It was in Vancouver that their children first became friends, followed soon after by their mothers. Chrissy and Marnette bonded quickly through their shared culture and backgrounds and have been connected at the hip ever since!


Celebrate what makes you happy

with friends who make you laugh

The Creation of Wishful Wicks

It was at a birthday party that one of our friends, in the process of blowing out her birthday candles, not only blew wax all over the cake, but also caught the ends of her hair on fire.  The uneatable cake frosting and the smell of burnt hair in the air, spawned the idea of a safe, LED candle that you could blow out like a real birthday candle.   Wouldn’t it be great for kids, not only because of safety, but also because most schools and daycares do not allow “live flame” of any kind. 


Also, couldn’t restaurants utilize a candle that was re-usable and didn’t blow out as they were walking desserts to a table?  Yes, a FANTASTIC IDEA!

So, with a combined idea effort with our husbands, Brian and Scott, (Very patient men, may we say>..) we started working on a design. 


This did not come easily.  We worked with designers on many, many (can we say many a few more times?)  versions and revisions of this darn candle.  But with continued perseverance and effort over 5 years, we finally succeeded in producing the world’s first LED candle with a Blow-on and Blow-out flame.

We are very excited to bring this technology to a product that is Flameless, Smokeless, Dripless, Reusable and safe. Wishful Wicks is great for all ages and perfect for any celebration. 

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